can you make money from social media

 Can You Make Money From Social Media?

We all love it.  We all spend time on it.  But, can you make money from social media?

You know I love finding new ways to make money and if I can make it from home on-line, even better.  Making extra money from home is not that difficult.  If you need to earn some extra money quickly, I wrote this post about how you can make an extra £100 in a week.

If you have no time, you can still make extra money.  I make money from this blog, which I still think is amazing considering I had no blogging knowledge or experience when I set it up 8 months ago! If you want to set up a blog of your own, I wrote a post with complete step by step instructions for you here.

To make money doing something you love has got to be the ultimate goal hasn’t it?

In addition to my existing income streams I’ve always liked the idea of making money from my social media accounts.  Why not?  I’m chatting on there anyway.  So I set out to answer the question ‘can you make money from social media?’ and here’s what I found.


I recently set up my Instagram Account to complement my blog and I am loving the community spirit on there.  Some of the images are amazing and there is so much support from people when you post.

So, I was quite excited when I read this article from Neil Patel about how people actually make money from their Instagram Accounts.

As you can see, by reading this, some people make a fortune!

Not everyone will be able to make thousands of pounds but the opportunity is definitely there to be explored.

can you make money from social media


Aaah Facebook.  Many people have a love, hate relationship with it and with all the algorithm changes it can be a difficult platform to master.

However, it is still the largest social media platform with billions of users so certainly can’t be ignored as a possible income source.

The main forms of income appear to come from using the following 3 methods:

  • Affiliate Marketing – This is where you link to a product.  When somebody purchases it, you receive a small commission from the seller.
  • Sponsored Posts – If you have a large enough following, companies will pay you to post a photo or an article about their product.
  • Selling Products – This is usually done through setting up a Facebook Page specifically to sell your products.  This can work well for, but is not limited to, handmade and crafted gifts.

In addition to these, I found this great article here from Skint Dad with even more ideas to use Facebook for money making and saving.

Whichever way you choose, this isn’t for the faint hearted. It takes time and effort to build a following on Facebook, but once you have it, it can be very lucrative!


I used to think that Pinterest was just about about pretty images but that was until I set up my own Pinterest Account and became hooked!

There is so much information on there and actually it’s now the first place I look if I want to find anything out.

Creating pins and pinning them is so much fun and I find it really enjoyable.

Apart from the obvious of driving traffic to a blog or website I hadn’t really thought about actually making money directly on Pinterest until I read this article from Boost My Budget. Here you will see that there is a huge opportunity to make money pinning.  What better way to make an income from home, than to create pretty pins!

For lots more information and ways to make money from social media, I recommend reading these posts from three fantastic UK Money Bloggers:

Make Money Using Social Media Accounts by

4 Simple Ways to Make Money on Facebook by

How to Make Money From Your Social Media Accounts from

I hope you have enjoyed this post and hopefully I have answered the question of ‘can you make money from social media?’ for you.

Have you ever made money from your Social Media Accounts?  Can you add any other ideas to the list?


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4 comments on “Can You Make Money From Social Media?”

  1. Neil Patel has awesome content that he shares! I always find value in his blog.

    You shared a lot of good tips about social media. I have yet to fully dive in with Pinterest. I’m hoping that platform will help me with traffic.

    • Thank you Melanie :). I agree, I love his content too. I am fairly new to Pinterest, but I found it definitely helps with traffic, I love creating pins too!

  2. Fab post 🙂
    I’ve found a lot of my copywriting clients through Facebook Groups. I’m a member of quite a few of them where my ideal clients are hanging out, and I often take the time to answer questions on the subject, share my advice, and so on. It can take time to build up some momentum and get known for your expertise, but it was one of my main sources of business last year. I’d definitely recommend that other service providers consider doing the same!

    • Thanks Ruth!

      That’s fantastic. I don’t think people realise the opportunities available to them through Social Media. Well done you and thank you for sharing :).

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