ways to make money in your spare time


Do you want to learn ways to make extra money?  Some people need extra income to pay off debt, for others it’s to pay for luxuries. Whatever the reason, extra income will always make our lives easier and help us to sleep easier at night!

For those of you that have been following my blog, then you know that I’m a work at home mum, you can read my story here.  I have various income streams and I earn more with some things than others.

However, for many of you, you will already have a job or a busy life and want to learn ways to make extra money in your spare time.

Some of these ideas may only pay a few pounds here and there, but those pounds soon add up to a nice little sum!

You can then choose to pay off debt, put the money away into a savings account or treat yourself to those luxuries in life you would otherwise not be able to afford.

If you are strapped for time, here are some ways to make money in your spare time when you have an odd spare few minutes or hour free.

1. Sell Your Old Loo Rolls and Milk Bottle Tops

This doesn’t take up much time at all. It’s really simple and absolutely anybody can do it!Whenever you come to the end of a toilet roll or bottle of milk, instead of throwing the empty rolls and bottle tops in the recycling, put them into a box to sell.

You may be surprised to know that people buy these on eBay for crafting projects.

Here are some tips for selling them on eBay.

  • Take a good decent photograph with plenty of light.
  • Make sure your empties are clean.
  • Sell them in 50’s or 100’s.
  • In my experience, selling with separate postage works well.
  • List your toilet rolls as a BUY IT NOW item.
  • Get a box from your local shop or supermarket to ship them in.

I actually teach my 7 year old to do this so he learns how to make extra money for himself. You can read more about it here.

Extra Money: £5-£30 depending how many you sell.  We sold 50 loo rolls for £8 plus postage.

2. Do AdHoc Jobs for Red Wigwam

Red Wigwam are a temporary recruitment agency specialising in adhoc and sometimes last minute work. They regularly advertise for people who want to work the odd hour here or there.  This can be fitted in during a busy day when you only have an hour to spare.

The work here can be fun and you can do as many or as little ‘hours’ as you wish.  So if you have one hour spare on a Friday afternoon and there is some work available, you can fill the slot.

Registering is simple and once you have registered, Red Wigwam will e-mail you when odd jobs become available.  You can also check their site regularly to see if there is anything that suits you.

You can read more and register on their website here.

Extra Money: Approximately £10 for each hour worked.

3. Get Cashback on Your Purchases

If you don’t already do this then you are literally throwing money away!

I love TopCashback.  It is the UK’s highest paying cashback website and will reward you just for doing what you are already doing – shopping on-line.

The idea is that you continue doing any on-line shopping you normally do but before you make your purchase, you go through the TopCashback website to receive cashback on the purchase you make.

It costs you nothing and you can soon build up a nice little pot of money!

To start earning straight away, you can sign up FREE here.

Extra Money: This is totally variable and depends how much you purchase on-line but you could build up a nice  little pot of £100-£200 over the year.

4. Become a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping can be really simple and if you are busy or have preschool children with you all day, then this is something you can take them along to.

You can do short mystery shops or longer ones. The best mystery shop I ever did was where I had to pretend I was moving overseas and invited 3 removal companies to my house to provide a quote.  I was paid £250 for acting out the part!  I’ve also been paid £80 to pretend to be a customer at an exhibition which was great fun.

As today we are talking about earning money with no time, my favourite company for short assignments is Grass Roots.

Once you have registered, you can check back regularly to see if there are any assignments in your area.  The kinds of assignments vary but I have done things like popped into a travel agent to get a quote for a holiday and visited a bank to ask for information on financial products.

Once you have gathered the information requested you fill in a simple form and send it back to Grass Roots.

You can register to become a mystery shopper here.

Extra Money: Approximately £10-£12 per assignment.

5. Make Money From Your Phone

There are various ways to  make extra money using your phone from home without even leaving the sofa!  Out of all the ways to make extra money with no time, this has to be the best one for comfort!

ways to make money in your spare time

Do you love Instagram?  Did you know you can make money on there?  Here is a great article explaining how you can use what you love to make extra money in your spare time.

Become a Brand Ambassador and Make Money on Instagram

Other ways to make extra money using your phone include using apps to make extra cash.

I highly recommend this book, 50 iPhone Apps to Earn Cash by Emma Drew.

All apps have been tried and tested in the UK and at just 99p, this kindle book is an absolute bargain and will pay for itself in no time!


Do you have any other quick ways to make money you could add to this list? Please do comment below if I’ve missed something!


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    • You’re not alone Nikki! Us busy Mums need to find ways to fit making money in around our family and saving loo rolls is sooooo easy :).

  1. Great post Michelle! I’m definitely going to look into Red Wigwam and Grass Roots, I haven’t heard of them before so it’s good to read a positive review from someone who has tried and tested sites like these 🙂

    • Thank you Sarah! I have found them both to be professional companies offering a great way to earn a little bit extra when you have the odd hour spare :).

  2. Thanks for the post Michelle. Both myself and my partner have read the section on Red Wigwam today and we’ve started researching it. We knew nothing about it before 🙂

    • So glad you found it helpful Craig :). Red Wigwam is great if you are short on time!

    • Thanks Emma! Me too, it’s so easy to build funds just by doing what you already do :).

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