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10 Passive Income Ideas You Can Start Today

 passive income ideas


Passive income has to be the ultimate goal doesn’t it?  To be earning a great passive income would be a dream and I am always on the look out for passive income ideas that I can try out.

I’m very lucky because I work from home, and some of the things I do to make money, generate a certain amount of passive income. My goal now is to grow that income.

So What is Passive Income?

Passive Income is where you are earning money after the work is complete, sometimes referred to as residual income. Think pensions.  When you retire, you no longer have to work but you have a regular income still coming in after your work is done.  That’s passive income.  That’s the dream.

As the retirement age in the UK is getting later and later, more and more people are looking for ways to create their own retirement income much earlier, me included.  Today I thought I would share with you some passive income ideas that you can try yourself.



Can You Make Money From Social Media?

 can you make money from social media

 Can You Make Money From Social Media?

We all love it.  We all spend time on it.  But, can you make money from social media?

You know I love finding new ways to make money and if I can make it from home on-line, even better.  Making extra money from home is not that difficult.  If you need to earn some extra money quickly, I wrote this post about how you can make an extra £100 in a week.

If you have no time, you can still make extra money.  I make money from this blog, which I still think is amazing considering I had no blogging knowledge or experience when I set it up 8 months ago! If you want to set up a blog of your own, I wrote a post with complete step by step instructions for you here.

To make money doing something you love has got to be the ultimate goal hasn’t it?

In addition to my existing income streams I’ve always liked the idea of making money from my social media accounts.  Why not?  I’m chatting on there anyway.  So I set out to answer the question ‘can you make money from social media?’ and here’s what I found.



Make an Extra £100 This Week

make an extra £100 this week


Would you like to know how to make an extra £100 this week?

For those of you that follow my blog you will know that I make all of my income from home, mainly on-line.  I love working from home and have a few income streams. This blog is just one of them. If you want to set up a blog of your own, I have written some really useful step by step instructions here.

I’ve been self-employed for 15 years now and the one thing it has taught me is you can always make extra money if you put your mind to it.

We often read about people who are earning thousands and thousands of pounds per month on-line, but if you are not used to making extra money, that might seem out of reach.

Sometimes we just need to earn some extra cash fast and being able to make an extra £100 this week might just make all the difference.

What would £100 do for you?  Maybe you could start your Christmas shopping, maybe put it towards a holiday or perhaps you just want to treat you and your family to an amazing day out.

The value of it will be very personal, but whatever it is you want it for, today I am going to show you how to do it, totally risk free!

If you do the work and follow the instructions, in one week’s time you will be £100 better off!



Make Money As A Chat-Line Operator

make money as a chat-line operator


I can feel you blushing at the thought of becoming a Chat-Line Operator but is it as bad as it sounds?  You must be a little bit curious, right?

I have previously written about working from home on the telephone but this one is a little bit different.

For me, it conjures up all sorts of images, thoughts and fears but if you could earn £2000 per month working the hours you choose, from the comfort of your own home, could you do it?

No commuting, no boss, no asking for holidays, a good hourly rate.  Almost sounds too good to be true.

It’s certainly not for everyone but if you need to earn extra income, it may not be worth ruling it out as an option until you have read this post.

I asked a mum who makes a full-time income working as a Chat-Line Operator what it’s really like, in the hope of answering all your questions.  Here is what she said….



Can You Make Money With Surveys?

can you make money on-line with surveys


Have you ever wondered if you can really make money with surveys?

This is something I’ve been wondering about a lot lately. I’ve done a few surveys in the past and made a few pounds but never really committed to it. I’ve always been too busy bringing in what I thought was the ‘bigger’ money, but could surveys be the ‘bigger’ money?

Looking around on the net and social media, there seemed to be a lot of people claiming to make a nice little part-time income from surveys so I thought that I would investigate further.

It seems that if you are willing to commit some time, then this can be a great way to make money on-line.

I wanted to share with you all the information so that you can read it for yourself and make up your own mind about whether YOU can make money on-line with surveys.

Here I have gathered together a selection of great posts from some top UK money bloggers to share with you today.  Or if you prefer, just head to the bottom of this post where you can read my own thoughts.