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Would you like to know how to make an extra £100 this week?

For those of you that follow my blog you will know that I make all of my income from home, mainly on-line.  I love working from home and have a few income streams. This blog is just one of them. If you want to set up a blog of your own, I have written some really useful step by step instructions here.

I’ve been self-employed for 15 years now and the one thing it has taught me is you can always make extra money if you put your mind to it.

We often read about people who are earning thousands and thousands of pounds per month on-line, but if you are not used to making extra money, that might seem out of reach.

Sometimes we just need to earn some extra cash fast and being able to make an extra £100 this week might just make all the difference.

What would £100 do for you?  Maybe you could start your Christmas shopping, maybe put it towards a holiday or perhaps you just want to treat you and your family to an amazing day out.

The value of it will be very personal, but whatever it is you want it for, today I am going to show you how to do it, totally risk free!

If you do the work and follow the instructions, in one week’s time you will be £100 better off!

Here I will give you a list of things you need to do to make an extra £100 this week.  You may actually make more but you should, if you follow it, make at least £100.

Here are the steps showing EXACTLY what to do and remember these are all risk free!

1. Do Two FREE Matched Betting Offers

If you’ve never heard of Matched Betting then you can read my post which explains more first here.

Set some time aside and sign up to Profit Accumulator here absolutely free, then follow the instructions to do the two free offers.  This should earn you £30-£40.  You can then walk away with the extra money or you can upgrade to their Platinum Membership to make even more money.  I personally decided to upgrade and made £150 in my spare time in my first three days, but the choice is yours.

If you are one of my regular readers and you’ve already done your free offers, you will need to upgrade to the Platinum Membership and do the first few offers to make your £30-£40 but don’t forget to do enough to cover your fee too.

Expected Total Extra Income: £30-£40

2. De-clutter

It is estimated that the average household has over £1,000 worth of unused items. You only need to sell a few of them to make some extra cash fast.

To reach your goal of £100 this week, you will need to set yourself a task of sorting and listing 20 items on e-Bay.  Have a declutter and don’t forget to check what’s in the garage and spare room!  You’ll be surprised how many things you can find to sell.

make an extra £100 this week

Get yourself a box and make sure you fill it with no less than 20 saleable items that are in good condition.

For this to work, I suggest you do some simple research first.  Have a look to see what sells and how much for.  To do this you need to log into e-Bay and click on ‘Advanced’ on the top right hand of your screen then type in the item and tick ‘Completed Listings’.  Here you can see what is and isn’t selling.  You can also click on ‘Sold Items’ to see what has sold and how much for.

Things that sell well are top branded children’s toys and branded ladies clothing, shoes and accessories, but don’t feel limited to this. Somebody is always looking for that one item that you no longer need!

If you list items that are in good condition and in demand you could make a lot of money from 20 items.  I am going to base your profit on £1 per item which is very conservative and allows for some unsold items.

Expected Total Extra Income: £20

3. Make Money From Your iPhone

There are lots of apps now available which enable you to make extra money.  You can earn cash or gift cards by doing small jobs or answering surveys.  Each task might only be a small amount of money but doing some through the week and watching your totals add up can be really satisfying!

The tasks from your phone might not be very exciting but they can often be done while you are out and about and some can be done any time of the day or night and in between other jobs.  It’s really quite easy.

I highly recommend you download  50 iPhone Apps To Earn Cash.

make an extra £100 this week

This will cost you 99p but you should make that back in your first day!

Do as many micro tasks as you can throughout the week in your spare time and the pennies soon add up.

Expected Total Extra Income: £10

4. Sell 100 Empty Loo Rolls On e-Bay

This one may sound strange but yes, people do actually purchase empty loo rolls.  Collect your loo rolls and ask your close friends and family for theirs too.  My 7 year old son often collects ours to make some extra money for his savings and 100 sold on eBay for £8.00. You can read more about how to teach your children to make money here.

Expected Total Extra Income: £8.00

5. Sell Your Old Books

Got some old books, dvds or video games lying about that you no longer want?  You can sell them on We Buy Books and turn them into cash.

You simply get your items valued on-line, package them up, send them off and receive your cash.  Start selling here.

Expected Total Extra Income: £5.00

6. Do a Few Surveys

I used to think surveys were just scams and you couldn’t make any money from them but i’ve recently discovered that there are some genuine survey sites around.

My favourite is Prolific Academic.  It’s such a simple site to start with.  I find the surveys really short and really interesting too.  The first one I ever got I had to pretend I was a member of a jury.  In my first day of joining I made £4.74 just doing a couple of minutes here and there.  Do as many as you can in a week and you could easily make £20.

Expected Total Extra Income: £20

6. Sell Two Large Items on Facebook

Facebook is perfect for selling items that are too large to post.  Bikes, scooters, furniture, electrical Items, large toys and ride on cars, stair gates, garden furniture, the list is endless. Join a few local selling and community pages for your area and simply list your items on all of them (Do check the page rules before listing).  You can also advertise them on your personal profile to friends and family.

Expected Total Extra Income: £10

If you commit to doing all of these things I would expect you to make around £100 this week and possibly more!  Obviously the expected incomes that I give are estimates and depend very much on how much work you do on each task.  For some you may earn more and some you may earn less.  Set your goal, make your plan. GO GO GO!!

Do let me know how you get on, i’d love to hear!

Have you got anything you would like to add to the my list?


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