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I can feel you blushing at the thought of becoming a Chat-Line Operator but is it as bad as it sounds?  You must be a little bit curious, right?

I have previously written about working from home on the telephone but this one is a little bit different.

For me, it conjures up all sorts of images, thoughts and fears but if you could earn £2000 per month working the hours you choose, from the comfort of your own home, could you do it?

No commuting, no boss, no asking for holidays, a good hourly rate.  Almost sounds too good to be true.

It’s certainly not for everyone but if you need to earn extra income, it may not be worth ruling it out as an option until you have read this post.

I asked a mum who makes a full-time income working as a Chat-Line Operator what it’s really like, in the hope of answering all your questions.  Here is what she said….

Why Did You Become a Chat Line Operator?

I was desperate to earn some money and just couldn’t find anything that I could do from home around my children. I had briefly looked at it before I had children so I spent hours searching the internet and read stories from people who were earning £500 upwards as a Chat-Line Operator with a company called Excel Telemedia, so I decided to take a look and the rest is history!

Was You Nervous Before You Started?

Yes, very! I had never thought of being able to make money as a Chat-Line Operator, but what I found was that most people you talk to are actually really nice. They just want someone to talk to. You do get the odd strange call, but as long as the caller doesn’t talk about anything illegal or against the company rules, I just play along. It’s actually quite good fun!

What Do You Like Most About the Work?

Definitely the variety and the fact that I get my regulars who I’ve sort of got to know. I also love the flexibility. I can work whenever I choose, day or night. Working in my pyjamas while i’m ironing is great too!  It fits perfectly around family life which is what I need. I can drop my children to school and pick them up every day as well as earning a full-time income, which I love.

make money as a chat-line operator

Is it Safe?

This was one of my first questions I asked the company. Yes, absolutely. You don’t use your own name, never give out your address and you log on through a telephone system so the caller will never know your phone number.  It’s actually quite good fun, I can become someone else for a few hours.

Do You Get Any Support?

Yes, there is an on-line forum where you can chat to other operators and you can call the company any time.

How Much Can You Earn?

You can earn a few hundred pounds or £1-£2,000 per month.  It all depends on the hours you work.  You get paid more for working through the night and even more for webcam work if that interests you.  I’ve not been brave enough to do that!  Basically, the more you work the more you earn, it’s that simple.

What Skills Do You Need?

To be a Chat-Line Operator you have to be open minded and happy to talk about most things, even if you get somebody that wants to talk about something you might find distasteful. The caller is the customer and it’s your job to provide a service. Having a good imagination helps too!

Who Would You Recommend This To?

Anybody over the age of 18 that wants to work flexible hours from home. You must be chatty, confident and imaginative!  It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, young or old, there’s work for everyone.

If after reading this you still don’t think you could become a Chat-Line Operator, Excel Telemedia also hire text chat operators at a guaranteed rate of 8p per minute.

To find out more about how to make money as a Chat-line Operator visit the Excel Telemedia website here.

Have you ever done this kind of work?  Do you think you could? If not, take a look at my other work from home options below.


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