Can You Make Money With Surveys?

can you make money on-line with surveys


Have you ever wondered if you can really make money with surveys?

This is something I’ve been wondering about a lot lately. I’ve done a few surveys in the past and made a few pounds but never really committed to it. I’ve always been too busy bringing in what I thought was the ‘bigger’ money, but could surveys be the ‘bigger’ money?

Looking around on the net and social media, there seemed to be a lot of people claiming to make a nice little part-time income from surveys so I thought that I would investigate further.

It seems that if you are willing to commit some time, then this can be a great way to make money on-line.

I wanted to share with you all the information so that you can read it for yourself and make up your own mind about whether YOU can make money on-line with surveys.

Here I have gathered together a selection of great posts from some top UK money bloggers to share with you today.  Or if you prefer, just head to the bottom of this post where you can read my own thoughts.

Prolific Academic – Could You Really Earn £30 Per Hour

This post is from Pete of  In it, he details how much money he earned with Prolific Academic over a period of three days.  Pete certainly proves that you can make money on-line with surveys!

The Top Ten Survey Websites

If doing surveys interests you but you don’t know where to start with finding genuine sites, then this post from is perfect for you.  Emma has lots of experience completing surveys and here she lists her favourite ten sites.

Fund Your Summer By Taking Surveys

Whether you want to fund your summer, fund your Christmas or fund anything for that matter, then Olly from shares his recommendations in this post.

Tips for Completing Surveys

Katy from calls herself a ‘Survey Queen’ and i’m not surprised with the great income she makes from surveys.  Who better to learn from than her, with these great tips for completing surveys.

The Best Survey Sites to Make Extra Cash has tried a few survey sites, many she didn’t get on well with and she only recommends the ones she uses herself.  Here she lists them, saving you the time and energy testing them all out for yourself.

How to Make Money From Surveys

If you are brand new to surveys, Morgan from explains a little more here in her post about how to make money on-line from surveys. A great place to get you started!

Make Extra Money – Anyone Can Do It – Complete Surveys

Francesca at recommends her top survey sites that she uses here.  As she explains, doing surveys may not sound glamorous but they are easy to do while sitting watching the TV or when you have a bit of spare time in your lunch break!

After reading all these fabulous blog posts, it certainly seems that you can really make money on-line with surveys. I will certainly be having a go myself at making money on-line from surveys.  I will update my findings here soon!

UPDATE: I have started making money myself and can highly recommend Prolific Academic.  I made £5 in my first day so although I’m not going to get rich, the pennies soon add up.  To start making money with Prolific today you can sign up for free here.

Do you make money on-line from surveys?  Do you think it’s worth it? What’s your favourite survey site?


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