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I recently learned about a child who has set up his own business designing and manufacturing socks using positive affirmations.

As you may know, I encourage my own child to make money. I believe that encouraging children and showing them that they can create their own income should they choose, is an important part of creating a healthy relationship with money for them.

Children are naturally creative and sometimes have some fantastic ideas.   Great inventions need research and I wrote a post recently about where you can get help with making money from inventions which you can read here.

So, back to the child who designs his own socks……..

Nine year old Safin started his designs for Socky Wocky at his kitchen table and now has a website, where he sells his “really cool, bright and fun socks”.

Safin’s mum does all the admin, but the ideas and designs, including the company logo come from Safin himself.

I had the privilege of interviewing this intelligent young man to find out more.  Read on to hear more about Safin in his own words.  Prepare to be inspired!

1. Tell us a bit about you, your life and interests?

I am nine, soon to be ten, with long curly hair, which I really like. I love to play Pokémon. I have three brothers, one has autism and I take extra care of him. I go to school, which I guess I like, mostly because I get to do P.E.

I play football for my local team (just around the corner), which is great fun, especially when we play in tournaments. Football, to me, is very exciting because I get to see friends that don’t go to my school and it keeps me fit.

My mum is not a fan of football, especially when it’s raining. Another interest of mine is I like to climb, mostly trees, although I like to also climb mum’s furniture at home. That sometimes gets me into trouble!.

2. What is your favourite subject at school?

My favourite subject is most definitely 100% P.E. (did you know it stands for physical education)? Followed by science. I really enjoy all the cool experiments we sometimes get to do. Travelling on the train to London’s Science Museum is something I really enjoy doing with my family.

3. What inspired you to set up your own business?

There are a few answers to this question. I was inspired to create socks after I received a really warm, comfy and fluffy pair for Christmas. The inspiration also comes from me being me. I am a very positive and happy boy and I wanted this to show on my socks.

set up business socky wocky

4. Where do you get your design ideas from?

The ideas for my designs come from anywhere at anytime. They are mostly connected to things that I like, like ice cream. Everyone loves ice cream right? So I thought it would be really good to have socks with ice creams on them. I have so many more cool ideas.

5. What is your favourite design and why?

Oooh tricky one. I love all my designs. I put lots and lots of work into them. Mummy says I have to choose one to be my favourite, so it would be the robot. I love robots as well as blue being my favourite colour.

socky wocky robot socks

6. Why should people buy your product?

People should definitely buy my socks because they are cool, cosy and share positive inspirations with young people just like me.

7. What have you learned from starting your own business?

That it’s very hard work! I spend lots of time with my mummy making sure that the designs are right, taking photos, reading e-mails and opening letters. The biggest thing that I have learned is that anything is possible if you always try your best. Lastly, I’ve learned that work can also be fun.

8. How do you fit it in around school?

School is very important and if I don’t work hard at school, mum always says that I won’t be able to do sock stuff. I go to school everyday just like most kids. Mum does a lot of work when I’m at school, sometimes I even leave her lists.

Every other day after school, we have a brainstorm session where we talk about all the things we have done and what we need to do. Also, every Sunday we have a meeting about the week ahead and what we have to do. I like it when we have photo shoots!

9. What would you say to another child who was thinking about   starting a business?

Do it, do it , do it! Everyone must follow their dreams, big or small. Always remember if it doesn’t work out you just have to try again!

10. What are your dreams for the future?

I have lots of dreams and plans. I want to go camping in the summer and I’m hoping my mum will let me bring a school friend. Also, I really want the new Wii Switch but my mum says I have to save for it, which is taking forever!

Most of all, I want to have the biggest and bestest sock business and maybe one day employ lots of young people to work with me (that would be so much fun).

I would love to get DAN TDM (my favourite youtube channel in the world) to wear my socks. I’d love to meet him and his dogs. Maybe I could make some special doggy socks for them too.

“Sock out”!

To see more of Safin’s fabulous designs and buy his socks you can visit


Do you think it’s a good idea to encourage children who want to set up a business?


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