ways to save money on holiday


There are always ways to save money on holiday but sometimes we are so busy having fun with our families, it’s the last thing on our mind.

It’s easy to just spend spend spend and the more children you have the more the cost adds up.

Although I’m a natural saver, I do loosen up a bit on holiday. However, there are ways you can stop spending money on things you really don’t need to without feeling like you can’t enjoy yourself.

Today I will share with you my top 10 tips for saving money on holiday while staying in self- catering accommodation.

1. Make a Packed Lunch Each Day

If you stay in self-catering accommodation then there is no reason why you can’t make your lunch to take out with you each day. You can even make it the night before and pop it in the fridge so it’s less of a rush in the morning. It takes minutes and can save you a fortune on eating out.

If you feel that a packed lunch is boring while you are on holiday, treat yourself to some special sandwich fillings that you wouldn’t normally have at home.  I love prawns so I tend to overindulge on holiday and although they are a bit more expensive, it’s still cheaper than eating out and I get my holiday treat.

ways to save money on holiday

You could also make some wraps or toast the bread.  The key is to do something different and interesting while still saving yourself some pennies.

2. Make Your Own Icelollies

If the weather is hot, most days an icelolly is a must. The price of these can soon add up in the pounds so why not take your own icelolly mould and make your own with squash and pop them in the freezer.

If you want to make them more interesting, make them from yoghurts or chocolate puddings.  My son has  allergies so he loves it when I make an icelolly out of Alpro Chocolate Desserts. Lovely to come back to after a busy day at the beach!

3. Take Your Own Flasks and Drinks

Whether you drink tea and coffee or need cold drinks for the kids or yourself, buying drinks each day is really not essential. You can make flasks and cold drinks and take them with you to the beach, stopping you spending money while you are there.

4. Head to the Beach

Other than a parking fee, if you’ve done all of the above then this is a great free day out for all the family.  If the weather isn’t hot, then wrap up and go for a brisk walk or do some rock pooling.  The kids love being at the beach whatever the weather so there really is no need to spend money just because the weather is a bit colder.

5. Take Some Pre-cooked Meals

I have always had to do this because of my son’s allergies but now I do it for myself and my husband too.  If you cook a handful of meals for the first few days in advance, you can freeze them and take them with you in a cool box. I used these containers here.

ways to save money on holiday

If you need a cool box we have a cool box  like the one in this picture.  You can buy it here and I can highly recommend it.

That means the first few evenings’ meals are sorted and paid for.

6. Don’t Forget to Take Your Bucket and Spade and Beach Toys

How many times have you got to the beach and realised somebody forgot to pack the buckets and spades?  The local beach shop will always have them to buy, of course at a higher price, so don’t fall into the trap of having to buy more.

7. Make Your Own Afternoon Tea

Buy some fabulous cakes and scones and have afternoon tea outside your accommodation instead of going to a tea shop.  You’ll save lots and  get more cake for your money which can only be a good thing!

says to save money on holiday

8. Take Your Bikes

If you can and if your children are old enough, take your bikes with you.  Packing up some rucksacks and heading off for a day out bike riding can be a cheap and fun way to spend some family time together.

ways to save money on holiday

9. Plan Your Days Out in Advance

Before you go on holiday, research the area and see what free and cheap activities there are to do in the sunshine and on rainy days.  Contact the local Tourist Information Centre before-hand for ideas. That way you are less likely to wake up on a wet and rainy morning and head to the nearest attraction and spend all your money.

If you are planning on visiting local attractions and theme parks, go on-line and book in advance, very often booking on-line can provide savings on the overall price.

At the bottom of this post there is a link to a lovely 15% discount voucher for Diggerland which is a great day out too!

10. Take Activities for Rainy Days

Activities such as board games and dvd’s are perfect in case the weather turns bad. You can have a family game or movie afternoon.  Get the popcorn and treats and enjoy doing things you don’t get chance to do at home.

All these little things make such a big difference when trying to save money on holiday. Any extra money you save can then be spent on a special day out while you are away!

Do you try to save money on holiday?  Do you think being organised helps you to stop spending on things while you’re away?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, please do comment below.


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