Diggerland Review With 15% Off For You

Diggerland review


Diggerland was my 7 year old son’s choice of birthday treat this year.  We ask him each year whether he would like a party or a special day out and this year, much to my delight and relief, he chose a day out.

We love family days out and my son is crazy about all things to do with construction, so this was the perfect combination for us to celebrate his day.

There are currently four Diggerland locations across the UK.  The current parks are in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire with another one planned for the not too distant future.  We chose Devon because we keep our little caravan down there so it made sense to combine the two visits.

On Arrival

On the day we chose to go, the forecast was rain showers across Devon all day.  I think this worked in our favour because when we arrived at about 11am, the car park was still fairly empty.  There seemed to be plenty of spaces with an extra car park too, so even at busy times I don’t think parking would be a problem.

As soon as we arrived at reception, my son’s excitement started to rise. There was a range of Diggerland merchandise on show, with wellies and rain coats should you need to purchase them on a rainy day.

Diggerland review

The cost for us for the day was £19.95 each but I had managed to find a 15% discount voucher, providing a nice saving of £9.  If you pre-book, this is even cheaper but you can’t use the voucher for on-line bookings.  There are also other age related discounts available.  For up to date discounts and prices click here.

Once we had paid we were given a map and off we went.

Inside the Park

The park itself was very easy to navigate around with simple queuing systems.  As our day was a pretty quiet one, we didn’t have to wait very long at all for the rides. This was delightful considering it was the middle of the school holiday period!

The staff around the park appeared to be mostly young adults.  I can say without a doubt that every single one of them was pleasant.  They were always smiling and going out of their way to chat and make sure we all had a great time. This definitely added to our enjoyment.

The Rides and Experiences

I expected the park to be like a theme park with lots of big rides but actually there were only about three rides in total.  At first I felt a bit disappointed. However, I later realised that this was actually a good thing. Why? Because it made the whole experience totally different from anything we had ever done before.

As we started to walk around the park we realised that the rest of it was made up of mainly driving and controlling experiences. This ranged from controlling a full size digger to driving a truck around a bumpy road.

For a 7 year old, my son is quite small but he was still tall enough to experience the majority of the park.  At each queuing station there is a measurement chart. Children can then stand against it to see if they can enjoy the ride alone or with an adult.   I think there were only about two things that my son couldn’t drive himself. These were mainly occupied by much older children and parents.

For more information about height restrictions and rides, take a look here.

There were a couple of vehicles that he could actually take full control of and drive around, a fantastic experience for any little person!

Diggerland review

According to the staff, my son was a “natural” and managed to control the diggers really well and he loved every minute of digging the soil.

Diggerland review

My husband and I got stuck in and had a go ourselves.  My favourite ride was hook a duck with your digger. I also had fun driving a digger over bumpy terrain, just about managing not to tip it over in the process!


Diggerland review

We broke the day up by stopping at the play area which was full of huge tunnel slides and zip wires. I noticed there was a lovely little area with water play and diggers for toddlers.  Sadly my son is now too old to enjoy this, but it was great for the little ones.

The park had plenty of picnic tables so we were able to sit and eat our packed lunch at our leisure too.

The End of the Day

At the end of the day we stopped off at the Café for drinks and a snack but they sold food throughout the day at reasonable prices should you wish to eat there.

Inside was a small indoor play area with soft play and rides requiring extra payment for if the weather turned bad. Luckily for us, the rain kept off so we spent most of our day outdoors.

We finished off by popping into the shop which was full of great Diggerland toys and merchandise. My son spent some of his birthday money on some Digger lego and I bought him some lovely pyjamas which were great quality and very reasonably priced.


We all absolutely loved our day at Diggerland.  I would highly recommend it for a family day out.  The experiences were amazing for both adults and children and we will definately be going back there again some time soon!

Your 15% Off Voucher

If you would like to go to Diggerland, here is your exclusive 15% off voucher.  Simply print this off and take it with you on the day, providing you with a great saving. For more information about Diggerland click here..  Have a fantastic day!

Diggerland review

Have you been to Diggerland?  What did you think?


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2 Comments on Diggerland Review With 15% Off For You

  1. Lynn James
    June 21, 2017 at 1:00 pm (4 months ago)

    We love digger land and stopped off at the Devon one on route from Penzance to Hertfordshire 2 years ago. Really great review that makes me want to go back. To Kent one this time though;-)

    • Michelle from Time and Pence (This post may contain affiliate links)
      June 21, 2017 at 1:07 pm (4 months ago)

      Thank you Lynn! It’s a great day out isn’t it. I already want to go back again! You’ll have to let me know what the Kent one is like.


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