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Hi, I’m Michelle, the author of Time and Pence.  I’m a forty something housewife, mother and work from home mom! I spent my early career as an Advertising Executive travelling up and down the UK, working long hours,  you know how it goes.  Although I enjoyed my job, like many people I became disillusioned and craved more time to do what I WANTED to do.

I knew that when I had a  family I would want to work flexible hours so that I could be at home and not miss out on anything, rather than having to go down the route of child care.

When I was 30 my dream became a reality and I gave up my career to become self-employed.  Since that day I have done many things to make money, all with flexible hours and have proved to myself that it’s possible to make money and have time to live the life you choose. I now have various income streams and love finding different ways to make extra money.

I’m also a big money saver and have lots of knowledge tucked away that I would love to share with you.  Couple that with our family life and health and there should be something on my blog that will grab your interest!

So, join me on my journey and let’s enjoy family life together!

Michelle x

You can read more about me and my little family  here.





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